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Prophetic and Prompt

My journalism and theological background means I write quickly, as well as with great depth, on a variety of topics. I specialize in reported first-person takes on current events, social issues, sports, and women's issues - remembering to ask what Jesus would say at each juncture.


Powerful and Relatable

I'm an experienced preacher and keynote speaker for faith-based and secular groups. I use visuals and speak without a manuscript. I'm comfortable in front of hundreds of people or in more intimate settings. I like to make people laugh, and I never want them to fall asleep.


Engaging and Relevant

I often blend speaking and teaching in retreat and conference settings. I like to lead breakout sessions and teach small groups, with time for questions and interactive lessons. I have taught all ages - from preschool children to retirees. Teaching the Bible and theology is an important part of my call to serve God.

Services: Services
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